Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Miu heree

Gosyujin-sama ,ojou-sama ♥ Miu Here ♥
Long time Miu no post ! ! Miu was little bit bussyy ~
Its already July , Time run so fast is it ? :D
What's your July wish Gosyujin-sama ,ojou-sama ? ?
Miu's July wish isssssss~~~ DIET ! Miu is on diet right now, hope it success..
But so badly Miu is Cake & Cookie Killer !!!!!!
That's why untill now miu's diet unsuccessful always ㅠㅁㅠ
And one more wish isss.... ..... Hope Miu can meet Gosyujin-sama ,ojou-sama again as fast as we can ! ! ♥♥
Hope Miu's & Gosyujin-sama ,ojou-sama 's wish true ♡ :3
Here is Pic of Miu cosplay as Luka ♬ Hope Gosyujin-sama ,ojou-sama Like it♥
Happy July Gosyujin-sama ,ojou-sama ♥

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